Sunday, 27 February 2011


So I am currently in production of 3 films and time is of the essence.  “A Stately Suicide” and “Falling Out”, both to be directed by the multi-talented and pocket sized Matt Cameron.  “A Stately suicide” written by Andy Smith, is a comedy which follows a young nurse having trouble dealing with her job caring for a suicidal lord in poor health.  This is going to be a whole load of fun to film.  So far we have 3 out of the 4 parts in the movie cast, having some trouble casting the part of our stately lord; however we have a few ideas.  Annie Louise Ross of Trainspotting fame will star in this film along with Melody Grove and Finn Den Hertog.  The main location for this film is outside Arbroath in Hospitalfield House, I have still not been here but we have a reccie on the 8th of March and the place is apparently amazing, lush!

Written by Tom McCarthy, a man who needs no more drugs :P “Falling Out” is as heavy as it comes.  A tale of 3 people trying to survive in a fall out bunker in Scotland after a nuclear explosion is detonated.  With the exception of the serious subject matter, this is also going to be a lot of fun to film.  As far as casting goes we have 2 of the 3 for this one so far, so things be moving along nicely.  Location scouting is going a bit slower than I’d hoped, but most of the bunker locations are privately owned and they will require a bit of red tape which will slow down the process. 

Film number 3 is a short script I have written with Mrs Fairfield entitled “Monsters Under the Bed”.  This I am hoping to film at the start of April, location is in the bag and I am auditioning a young actress this week for the part.  More info to come with this one. 


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